The Creation Course is delivered in three distinct phases. First, we’ll gather for a week of intensive training at a gorgeous resort on the Riviera Maya. After the Retreat, we’ll begin the Research phase, where you’ll have time for self-study, practice, and reflection. The final phase, The Lab, is a learning and application practicum that includes live Mastery classes, robust calls, and intensely supportive online training.

You can expect to feel seen, heard, and met in a profoundly impactful way throughout.

The Retreat is the heart of the Creation course: an experiential intensive, outside the distractions and obligations of normal space and time.This event brings together the exotic and the practical, and will feel breathtakingly luxurious and deeply useful at the same time.Once you enter the Retreat, the details and logistics of life are handled and held. You get to focus on you—a rare and much-needed experience for most of us amidst the hustle of our demanding lives.

Surrounded by exquisite oceanfront beauty, you’ll come to relax. To surrender. To break-down. To be seen. To play. To feel. To practice, and experience, and learn in the full range of womanhood, sisterhood, and turn-on. Expect to be profoundly altered by the richness and depth of your experience.

Beyond an incredibly gorgeous, nourishing, and transformative experience, the primary purpose of the Retreat is to teach you a new collection of advanced tools and rituals. These tools lay a foundation for the course, so you can then take them into your life for sustained practice, supported in Sisterhood.

Creation has opened up so much in my creative and
financial life. Before enrolling, I hadn’t sold any of my
work. The course isn’t even over, and I’ve already sold
enough paintings and prints to pay off Creation.

Katariina Fagering

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The week will be carefully curated to engage your body, mind, and soul in an experience of transformation. You’ll have class sessions every day, as well as the spaciousness to reflect, connect, and enjoy our stunning surroundings. There will also be special gatherings and recommendations during the evenings—a truly immersive week.

Here’s a sample day, to give you an idea of what to expect….

Early morning: Enjoy a delicious breakfast, take a dip in the ocean, or practice yoga on the beach.

Late morning: Class Session 1

Mid-afternoon: Eat a nourishing lunch, digest and connect with your sisters.

Late-afternoon: Class Session 2

Early evening: Take a long walk, get a massage, or eat at one of the resort’s top notch restaurants.

Evening: Meet up for a special event, like a bonfire on the beach or dance party at the outdoor club.

As part of the Retreat you will design an action plan for this three month Research period. You’ll examine what you’re working on in your life, and where you’re wanting to see change. You’ll identify which tools from the Retreat you’ll commit to practicing, and take time to design how you will approach your Research. In Sisterhood, you’ll create a plan, enroll each other’s support, and set out into the grand adventure of bringing your practice into daily life.

One of our core goals for Creation is to help women master the skills of plugging into turn-on, using the tools, and taking advantage of sisterhood. In Creation, we want you to transcend any sense of victimhood—to embody full ownership for your storyline as it continues to unfold. This is not an easy task, and requires the space to experiment, to practice, and to learn from inevitable setbacks along the way.

That’s why this Research phase takes place between the Retreat and the Lab, and is designed as a lightly-held space for self-study, experimentation, and practice.

This is your chance to research and reflect on how you’re doing at the art and practice of actually living this work. You’ll get to look at and consider, “What do I do after a transformative experience? How long before I backslide? How skilled am I at actually maintaining community with other women? Where do I turn when things get hard or feel like they go off track? How am I with following, but also adjusting to, an action plan? How am I at practicing these new tools? When do I tend to feel victimized inside of my experience?”

For long term, permanent change, this exploration is deeply necessary and yet very rare. That’s why this in-between time is purposefully sandwiched between two deeply supportive experiences. As long as you explore, research, and reflect, whatever happens during this time will be incredibly valuable. You’ll bring everything you’ve learned into The Lab—every victory and disappointment. Your Research phase provides a playground to practice and reflect in preparation for the incredibly intensive final phase of the course.

We learn how to alchemize anger, insecurities,
contempt—to take that energy and transform it into
something positive and beautiful,
something that we can create life with.

Tarana Singh

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The Lab is where we bring it all home. This is our intensive practicum phase—your chance to have robust support from Regena, the School, and your Sisters as you take things to the next level. Here are more details about the interconnected elements of The Lab…


opening class

To kick off the Lab phase of the course, we’ll gather together for a potent session of reflection, ritual, and set-up. You’ll tune in from home via audio/video, while Regena leads you in exercises designed to transition out of Reseach, and into a more hands-on practicum of the tools and arts. You’ll be supported to get the most out of the months that follow, and we’ll set the tone for an incredible journey ahead.


Not only are we including Mastery , but on the Friday afternoon & evenings before each weekend, the Creation class will gather as a smaller group. You’ll have a session with Regena followed by group gatherings in New York City. We’ll continue to go deeper, set you up to play a bigger game, and blow open what’s possible inside the playground of sisterhood and tool use. You’ll also return to Mastery as a graduate and fully participate in all Mastery activities—three live intensives, Mastery Practice Calls, Guest Teacher Classes, and the Mastery Online Community. The energy of that room, and its ability to slingshot you forward, is irreplaceable. You’ll also receive an even deeper cut of the core teachings as you apply your advanced perspective to the tools.

Feminine Leadership

As a Creationista, you’ll be invited to step more deeply into your leadership, which can be a challenging game for many of us. Mastery sessions will serve as a playground to press your edge in this area—and that doesn’t mean holding space for others while ignoring your own needs, or stuffing down your emotions to present a perfect image of yourself. That’s the old paradigm. Rather, you’ll expand your capacity to lead by example, showing up in your full turn-on, and bringing your whole self to the table. As you take yourself higher, you’ll stand for other women to do the same.

Q & A Calls with Regena

Two to three times each month, you’ll have group Q & A Laser Coaching Calls with Regena. In these calls, you’ll experience direct coaching and guidance, and witness powerful transformations within the community. These are no-holds-barred chances to come together and dive deep into whatever is coming up in your life. You will expand and integrate this work into every aspect of your daily life.

Mastermind Calls

These are structured tele-gatherings to deepen, practice, witness, and take each other higher, in small groups. They’ll happen about twice a month, and you’ll have the chance to both offer and receive profound support.

Visiting Teachers

We love introducing our Creationistas to cutting-edge teachers and thought leaders. Every year we bring together incredible speakers for powerful conversations to enhance and expand what you’re learning in class, with live and online Q & A in their area of expertise.

Online Community

As you know from Mastery, the online community can be your lifeline when you’re in rupture, your place to share and brag when you’re flying, your place to connect and inspire and get support. In addition to being a part of the Mastery Facebook group, Creation will have it’s own private group.

Community Events

The community you will create in this course is life changing, and it will live on long after your course. You’ll have the opportunity to host and participate in community-led events between, before, and after Mastery classes. Whether it’s by phone, or in person, these gatherings are an opportunity to practice together and enjoy sinking into Sisterhood. We’ll help you organize your calendar with time devoted to connection, and give you lots of wonderful suggestions for how to get the most out of it.

It was in this community, where I could find
my voice and stand for myself and my family
when no one else could.

Melinda Cohan

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Thank you for exploring this site and the possibilities available in this course. Ultimately, Creation is designed to help you become the woman you were always destined to be.

A woman who:

  • Has integrated turn-on into every aspect of her life, recognizing that it is her power source and her connection to divinity. She is an expert in sustaining and nurturing this connection, even when (especially when), she might otherwise isolate from Sisterhood or resist the tools.
  • Knows her worth unconditionally, from deep inside, independent of external measures of success—and from that place achieves incredible results in all areas of her life.
  • Understands that seduction is a way of life, where beauty is seduced from the mundane, and her erotic nature shines through anything and everything she does.
  • Navigates the depths of any external circumstance with grace and power, turning the dark passages of her storyline into the rich mulch that fertilizes the soil of her next becoming.
  • Doesn’t look to blame or fall into victimhood, but rather takes full ownership of her experience, as the Creatrix of her life.
  • Asks for what she wants, trusts her decisions, and gracefully receives and surrenders to everything that comes her way.
  • Takes her rightful seat as a leader of the feminine. Generates and upholds a new paradigm for herself and the world at large.
Every woman is a legend. It’s time to live yours. If you are feeling the pull, reach out to continue the conversation—we’d love to connect with you one-on-one.

Creation gave me the confidence to stop trying to talk
myself out of what I was feeling and to accept it, and say it
with love, openness and compassion.

Maya-Lin Green

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