The Creation Course is highly experiential, designed to be an incubator and a laboratory for your greatness. Combining the best of in-person and at-home experiences, Creation offers an intensely personal support system for your desires.

Building upon the Mastery curriculum, Creation Course empowers a woman to live the unimaginable greatness that is her birthright, and to act as the heroine of her storyline.

If Mastery is akin to earning a degree in French, then Creation is like moving to Paris for a year—strolling the Seine, bantering with the local shop owners, and yes, even dreaming in French.

This kind of immersion is what allows a language to inhabit your cells, and create a fluency where you not only know the language, but you find yourself thinking in this new language. It becomes as instinctive as your native tongue because it is your native tongue.

In Mastery, you discover a new paradigm for your life, locating your power source and your turn-on. By the time you graduate from Mastery, your lens on the world has changed, and you find yourself living inside of a “new normal”.

This is our starting place in Creation.

What was the ceiling becomes the floor, and we all rise from there.

The Creation Course plugs a woman into a new depth and understanding of herself. You’ll explore your unapologetic power, your profound sacredness, your raw transparent truth, and your ability to receive ever more goodness in your life.

Creation allows you to get comfortable inside of this new normal, so you can stand for yourself, and discover the most grounded, provocative, and authentic version of who you are. Unshakable, unstoppable. You’ll learn how to play your own instrument fully and completely. From there, absolutely anything is possible.

It’s not easy, and you cannot do it alone.

Completing Mastery is a prerequisite for enrolling in Creation. However, Creation is not for every graduate. While this course offers an incredible value—new experiences, travel adventures, lifelong friends, a powerful new toolbox, and incredible, life-changing results—it asks for a lot, too.

Creation asks you to play full out. It asks for you to bring your whole divine self to the table—good, bad, ugly, beautiful, scared, filled with self-doubt, unshakably confident, all of it. You are asked to bring every facet of your womanhood, no matter what. Creation calls on you to show up, to be in action, and to stay plugged in. It requires you to get support when you’re stuck, to speak up when you’re confronted, and to practice asking for and receiving help when it’s overwhelming.

This course is designed to loft a woman into an entirely new level of turn-on, connection, and power. This is the place where shame vaporizes, where playing small is no longer an option. And this is the place where Creation takes over.

Since Creation, the quality of life is better
on all levels. Now, no matter what life throws at me,
I can always get back to my core.

Doris Duan-Young

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Advanced Toolbox

You’ll learn the most sophisticated tools, practices, and rituals taught at The School of Womanly Arts. These advanced practices build upon the foundational tools you learned in Mastery, allowing you to both deepen and expand in this work. You’ll also be supported in exploring your feminine leadership, inside of our community and beyond.

Unparalleled Sisterhood

As you know by now, Sisterhood is everything, and Creation gives you the time and space to refine your capacity to thrive in community. Because the program is much smaller than Mastery, and over a longer period of time—you’ll experience a new level of vulnerability, transparency, and intimacy with other women in class. You will be seen, witnessed, and stood for in ways that will deeply serve you during the course, and long after.

Exquisite Experiences

It’s so critical to step outside of the daily grind, and into a space  designed for transformation. We know that profound magic happens when women gather together, immersed in beauty, pleasure, and intimacy. That’s why Creation takes place in paradise, where you will bathe in turn-on, connection, and the exquisite truth of what is possible. You will leave with a new lens on the world, and once in a lifetime experiences you will never forget.

supported Time to Integrate

Learning and integrating the Feminine creates a massive cultural shift inside your life. As you begin to inhabit these tools and principles, it’s essential to take the time to integrate and practice. Creation offers a supported container to gestate and explore your unfolding . You’ll have victories and disappointments along the way—and no matter what, you’ll have a home base to return to for support, insight, and love to take it all higher again and again.

EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS: Creation is an incubator for your long-held, deepest desires, even if you don’t completely know what they are yet. You can expect to create profound change for yourself, and leave with tools you will return to throughout your life. As you tap into new levels of your own truth, with turn-on and sisterhood as your guide, you will unlock what’s possible in your day-to-day experience and play a bigger game to create your legendary life.

Before Creation, I think my husband felt
bulldozed by me. Now, it’s a flow. I’ve learned to find
my “yes” more, and that opens up possibilities
beyond my wildest dreams. Our marriage of 32 years
is sizzling. He’s now the co-creator on my ride.

Claudette C’Faison

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What are you wanting to bring into existence?How will the world be marked, changed, altered, by the stand you take for yourself?

What’s your unique, powerful footprint in the sand—the legacy you’ve most longed to create?

Where and how are you being called into a deeper exploration of yourself and your world?

What wants to expand, in your relationship with yourself and others?

No matter what you want to create, this program provides the roadmap, the tools, and the unparalleled support required to bring your Creation into reality.

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